It was good while it lasted

But it didn’t last forever. Nor should it.

The Fine Wine and Fried Okra Cafe had a wonderful run. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed good food, wine, and music at out table.

See you further on up the road.


Greg Abbott is an Asshat

Margaret and Helen tell it like it is.

Margaret and Helen

Margaret, I am madder than a wet hen and anyone looking for humor in this post probably isn’t going to find it. The best thing that came out of writing this webpage blog was learning what the term Asshat means. I wish we knew the person who first wrote that years ago because it has become one of my favorite words, and when it comes to Asshats there isn’t a better example than Texas Governor Greg Abbott. Ifanyone out there stillthinks there isn’t a Republican war on women, I suggest they look in the mirror to see what hat they are wearing as well.

Denying women access to family planning will increase the number of abortions. Even an asshat knows that. And Abbott knows that tens of thousands of women in Texas use Planned Parenthood for basic family planning and gynecological care.

Planned Parenthood has NOT been found guilty of…

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